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Have you noticed?

Isn’t it odd….

how we spend all of our early life planning for the future? Then, when we are all grown up, we spend all of that time dwelling on the past. And we never stop to reflect on the ONLY thing in life that we have actual control over–the very moment. Many a times we either underestimate or totally overlook the importance of the current moment. In order to begin a transformation, we must realize the power of the moment, the power of NOW! Just like the majority of us, I am guilty of passing the present moment over for next moment (procrastination) or focusing so hard on future moments (excessive planning), that I forget about what I can do NOW. For starters, procrastination is the chief thief of time and only begets wasted days that began to pile up, and before you know it another year has passed. On the other hand, when we consistently worry about the future we tend to become indecisive and lost in our daydreams.

Some of us have no time for the present or the future because we are trapped in the past. Reminiscing on memories and dwelling in the past are totally different things. To dwell means to reside, to habitat, to establish. We don’t want to reside in the past, because this trumps the present and impedes the future. Do not become alarmed! I recognize that the past and the future are very well a part of the human experience. I am, simply, reminding us to put the two into perspective and not to allow them to dominate your life, when you truly do not have control. I am asking you to take control over the current moment and make decisions for today…where you are in life now. That could mean that you decide to be happy NOW, you determine that you are not a defenseless child anymore or that you relish in the moment while your patience grows for what awaits you in the future.

How can YOU be more Present?

  • Stop and realize the actual power you have over your very moment.
  • Make a commitment with yourself to part ways with procrastination, which denies you complete mobilization of YOUR moment.
  • Make peace with your past life, carve out what you can use and what uplifts you, then move on.
  • Look forward to the future, but don’t depend on it or become obsessed with it because it is not promised. So, NOW is the time hug our children, NOW is the time to spend time, NOW is the time to live your BEST life.

“You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.”

Eckhart Tolle