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I have never met this young lady, yet she has pulled on vessels in my heart and caused a sensation that I cannot contain. Her name is Margo and about 2 years ago she was featured on Say Yes to the Dress. Her face glistened, her eyes illuminated as she picked her wedding gown for her summer ceremony.

Margo was 24 years old. While most her age are finishing college or starting families, she was fighting cervical cancer. As she explained her story and detailed her wedding ideas, all I could see/hear was her courage. Here she was in her early twenties fighting a battle for her life and she was smiling; she was optimistic; she was happy. I was happy for her. She was commendable. Even though she was wrestling with the hatefulness of cancer, she managed to let love shine through her expressions, her mannerisms and in the way she talked about her finance.

I was heartbroken when the show ended in her loving memory. I was shocked. I wanted her to win. She deserved to win. How could someone so young, so beautiful, so spiritual leave this world at 24?? How so?

In my eyes, we were the same people. Women. Young. Courageous. Smart. Loving.

This reminded me just how important it is to put life into perspective….how important it is to have priorities…how important it is to give and receive love. There was a time when all I worried about was work, work and more work. I’ve wasted my precious time worrying about appearances and trends. I am guilty of spending more time with Mr. Wrong than with my own son.

If my time was limited or infringed upon, I would not be concerned with work or curvy bottoms. All that would matter is the time I have spent with my kids. I admired Margo for living life and enjoying the moments and people most dear to her. She encouraged me to do the same. There was something in her eyes that told me that life and love doesn’t have to stop…all we have to do is keep believing and the two will keep beating…