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Why do we know who Mimi is screwing, but don’t know who our baby’s father is? Why are we so excited about Nene’s self-proclaimed “I’m rich status” but not upset about living paycheck to paycheck for the last 10 years? Why do we have a stronger opinion about Jackie Christie’s shenanigans than we do about the lackluster attitudes of our young men?

The point I am trying to make is this: We need to stop being dedicated to Monday and Sunday nights, to VH1 and Bravo and become dedicated to our own journey.

We watch these women (and men) rack in millions of dollars because we are so tuned in to what’s going to happen next in their lives. But what about what is next for our own lives? Becoming a better you requires your own undivided attention. You must tune in to every aspect of your life.

Listen to yourself: Our bodies communicate with us more than any other human being. The VOICE within directs us, alarms us and motivates us. Yet still, we find ways to silence our own instinctual capabilities. We start to tune in by stopping the denial of our lifeline. Listen to yourself speak and FOLLOW directions.

Focus on the productivity of the moment, in preparation for the quality of the future: In an earlier post, I talked about the Power of the Moment. I am learning to always be aware of the usefulness of the moment. Desire to use your potential to the maximum daily. When we spend countless hours invested in the lives of others, whether we are watching television or scrolling through social media, we are NOT being productive. I am not suggesting you become a recluse. I am suggesting that you invest more of your time into yourself and YOUR JOURNEY. Don’t just watch someone else live theirs.

As we transform our lives, we must be aware of exactly what we want out of this life. Dr. Phil says, “It’s not enough to say I want to be happy….be specific.” In order to be a solid individual we must know ourselves and in order to do that, we must listen, be focused and tuned in to our own reality.