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“My father is the one person I cherish because he is thoughtful, realistic and doesn’t mind telling you the truth. He made my minor accomplishments feel major.” -Mamie Lovejoy (College Park, GA)

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“The love I have for my daughter is inexplicable. Words cannot describe how much I love and care for her.” -Benjamin Rowell (Union City, GA)


“My dad is always there for me when I need him, even though he lives far away.” -Kaylee L. (Atlanta, GA)

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 “My father is the one man that taught me how to love a real man. He not only took care of my earthly needs, but he ensured that my spirit and soul was taken care of. He did this by making sure that I was introduced to Christ at an early age…we never wanted for anything, including lots of love.” -Theresa Smith (Atlanta, GA)

“You’ve shown me that DNA does not matter, but a TRUE FATHER is in his actions, words, and most of all his being there when needed, Love you dad.” -Chiquilla Day(Milton,GA)

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“My dad is special because he’s loving, charming, nice, and cheerful.” -Chanel

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“My dad is a man among men. He truly loved and spoiled me. He always respected and honored my mother. I love him most because when my grandmother (my mother’s mom) was in hospice he took care of her every need, from feeding to bathing.” – Shenita Ellis (Hampton, GA)

 “My father is a provider and a protector. I will always appreciate his hard work ethic and his CAN DO attitude. He taught me to preserver and that I can have anything I desire if I am positive, motivated and diligent.” -Mineka Williams (Union City, GA)

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  Teresa Grigsby and her dads! Sharon Lufkin and her dad!

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” -Ruth E. Renkel