Choices. Decisions. Actions. Transformations.

soNOVELme is a blog dedicated to documenting the process of lifestyle transformation. The concept of this blog was born after I became fed up with feelings of inadequacy, insufficiency and incompleteness. I realized that I was not living the life I dreamed I would and that I had to make a CHOICE. Either I was going to continue moping through life, accepting mediocrity, or I was going to break free from fear and whatever other stumbling block restraining me and live the best, passionate life possible. Looking at it that way, one would assume that my decision had to be clear cut, totally obvious.

But, it wasn’t. My fear of change was crippling, to the point that I would be physically in pain when I just thought about detouring from my routine and embarking on a new life. Nevertheless, I prayed incessantly, found my ambition and DECIDED to take charge. I decided that the time was now or never. I did not want to get later in life and feel regret over a life unlived. Next, I took ACTION. I made myself be specific about what I do and do not want out of this lifetime. Then, I developed plans of action, that once fulfilled would lead to my total TRANSFORMATION!

Documenting all that unfolds on soNOVELme will allow other women to witness my transformation and, maybe even, find the courage to transform themselves.

How to Use My Blog:

First, be sure to input your email address so that you will be up-to-date with the transformation process.

Bulletin: This is where I will post interesting events and or activities that promote opportunity, discovery and positivity.

NOVELworthy: This I where I will spotlight individuals who I believe we all can learn from.

I look forward to happy transformations and a great community!!


How can you relate?

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